Mind and Body

Are you balanced?

There have been several studies involving the advantages of being grounded. This may not be the emotional grounding that people think about when they talk about being grounded, but then, maybe it is.
Some would call it Grounding and some call it Earthing. It is all the same thing.
We, as humans run on electricity. Electro-chemical energy runs the brain, muscles and what else?

When you earth yourself you walk barefoot on the soil. I believe damp soil, including sandy beaches or riparian areas, grass, and other places where your body’s electric system can become balanced is best. Why? the Earth is charged with positive and negative electrons that are transferred to your body. The body needs recharging just like your cell phone.

When you walk barefoot and are in contact with Mother Earth for about 30 minutes a week, you are energizing you immune system, fighting stress induced free radicals, reducing inflammation in your body.

As you walk, stand or are in direct contact with the earth your body is absorbing negatively charged ions which in turn may promote better circulation and heart health as well as just giving you a sense of contentment and well-being.

What about the balance of transferring the excesses in your body to the earth? Yes, you build up electrical charges from radio frequencies (cell phone radiation of radio waves), EMF from computers, TV, and a myriad of electronics we surround ourselves with every day. These are sources of the positive ions we carry with us, The Earth is full of negative ions, so feel free to make deposits and withdrawals. This is a continual replenishing resource.

Try it, you might enjoy the connection.

What works? surfaces that are mentioned above, bare soil, grass, sandy beaches, moist areas, untreated concrete may also help, but when do you know its untreated? What is untreated?
Stick to the natural soils and real contact, but if you are averse to going shoe-less you may get some benefit from leather-soled shoes as long as there is no rubber between you and the ground.

What doesn’t work? Asphalt, wood, rubber, plastic for starters.

Enjoy the sense of feeling better, a sense of well-being and freedom to free your feet from non-conductive footwear, and do something good for your body.

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