Kundalini Energy

When we get into the more esoteric areas of our human existence we may run into some of the deeper Eastern religions and philosophies.
Among the most widely known is the idea that we have energy paths in our bodies and centers of energy. Chinese acupuncture, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Eastern medicine are connected to the study and use of these energy channels. Typically it is believed that there are areas within the body that interact between the physical world of our five senses and the world of pure consciousness. These areas or centers are called Chakras are located in specific areas of our bodies.

Chakras mean “Wheel of Energy.” There are twelve Chakras that are identified by holistic healing practitioners, only seven are considered major Chakras. Chakras are doorways for the life force energy called Prana or Ch’i. While I do not intend an in-depth discussion of the Chakras, a cursory description might help. The Chakras are usually considered to be consciousness centers that interface with life force energy. They are the areas in our Etheric Body that interface with the five physical senses and the world of pure consciousness. Prana circulates through the Chakras connecting the Heaven and Earth energies.

Here is a list of the seven Chakras beginning with the lowermost and moving to the uppermost:
1) The Root, associated with survival, primal energy, and security.
2) The Sacral, associated with sexuality, relationships and intimacy.
3) The Naval, associated with desire, self-control, vitality, and inner strength.
4) The Heart, associated with self-esteem, love, forgiveness, and compassion.
5) The Throat, associated with creativity, speech, individual needs, and individual will.
6) The Third Eye, associated with intuition, insight, ESP, and Psychic Awareness.
7) The Crown, associated with higher consciousness, enlightenment, and inspiration.

As the energy centers of the subtle body the seven Chakras allow us to experience all different levels of the cosmos. They are influenced by our five senses, sound, color, gems. If one or more Chakras are blocked we may feel pain, weakness, other physical symptoms or an inability to experience the full range of energy available to us when all energy is flowing unobstructed through the Chakras.

What do Chakras and Performance Coaching and Hypnosis have to do with each other? Lots. When it comes to healing past issues, forgiveness, resolving childhood traumas, PTSD, PLR and OLV.

Clearing the Chakras is something that everyone can do and it makes a person feel better, more energized and well-balanced. Kundalini energy is the energy that flows up from the base of your spine – the root Chakra – through all the other Chakras to the top of your head. When you activate the Kundalini energy you put yourself in touch with immense personal power. This power can be used to reshape, restructure, reorganize your life.

Hypnosis can clear the energy pathways quickly and easily and then empower you to use your personal Kundalini power for whatever good you choose without years of meditative exercises, study or practice.

If you would like to set a phone appointment to clear your Chakras or remove any obstacle in your life that is holding you back from what you want from your life. Here is a link to my appointment calendar

For more information I would ask the reader to do an Internet search and peruse some of the healing websites.

Please visit http://gr8-hypnosis.com


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