Unhappy Smokers

During WWII and the end of the war, smoking was the social thing to do. If you smoked you were in the in crowd, sexy ans sophisticated. You were a classy person. Why? Because the tobacco industry pulled off one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever conceived. The tobacco companies gave millions of cigarettes to the armed services in small 4-smoke packs. The GI’s were even given “smoke breaks” by the Federal government.

When these men and women came home as heroes, they were seen by their peers, family, and friends as people to be looked up to and admired. They were the idols of the younger generations, and they smoked. The tobacco industry had won the battle for generations to come, and today it continues to capitalize on that successful marketing technique.

Smoking has become unpopular and is no longer the daring of social etiquette. It is no longer glamorous nor is it attractive to many non-smokers. Science proved that first, and second-hand smoke is unhealthy and causes many cancerous diseases as well as heart and lung illnesses.

Did you know that there is new evidence that third-hand smoke also causes disease and illness?
Third-hand smoke is the smoke and chemicals that cling to clothing, skin, and hair of a smoker or someone who has been around a smoker for any length of time.

Imagine you are a smoker and you visit your grand child. Mom and dad ask you to go outside to smoke. Then, when you return, you hold your grandson or daughter hugging and kissing – delivering toxins and noxious chemicals onto the baby’s skin, clothing and into his or her lungs as he or she breathes through your clothing.

You’ve tried to quit. You’ve used gum, e-cigarettes, patches, and even prescription drugs that may cause nightmares, depression or thoughts of suicide. Nothing works!

What about hypnosis? Hypnosis is one of the most successful ways to become a non-smoker.
Hypnosis works through the power of your mind and with advanced visualization techniques most smokers quit with no drugs, withdrawals, negative side affects, no patches or gum. It is the power of the mind of the smoker that makes all this possible.

Smokers have one thing going for them that many non-smokers may lack. Smokers are some of the most stubborn people you will ever meet. Their bodys coughed and choked on the first few drags of the first cigarette. They body was saying, “NO!” but they kept on. The medical profession conducted studies that cigarettes contribute to cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and shortened life expectancy, yet smokers continued smoking.

Society said that it is no longer desirable to smoke. Business forced customers to smoke outside in the rain, wind, and cold. Smokers persevered!

Tobacco companies raised the price, and smokers gave up something else to continue their habit.

What does it take to become a non-smoker? The ability to access the tools you already have locked in your mind. Once you access those tools you can quit. Once and for all, you will become a non-smoker with the mindset of a non-smoker.

Imagine or think about what you will gain by becoming a non-smoker. Better health, more hugable and kissable, better smelling clothes. Clothes with no burn holes, car seats with no burns, More money to spend on things you need or want. Better appreciation for food’s many flavors and aromas. More energy.

Why not make a decision, a promise to yourself,

that you will become a non-smoker? Book your own appointment at http://gr8-hypnosis.com for your evaluation session. There is no monetary investment, so keep your wallet closed.

Please visit http://gr8-hypnosis.com


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