Tip # 6 People can tell!

Do you use rapport or trust when dealing with you friends, associates, and customers? Communication and relating to others, whether for pleasure or business, personal or sales, it is the same.

I have noticed that one of the best ways to get someone to like you is to build rapport. However, rapport can be faked. People that have multiple contacts in a day may use some of the rapport building shortcuts to simulate this connection. Anyone familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming will recognize “mirroring and matching,” or “following and leading” as shortcuts to gaining rapport.

The more difficult road to travel is gaining a person’s confidence through trust. A good communicator must earn trust. No shortcut involved. The more time you invest, the stronger the bond, but a word of caution here. If trust is violated, especially when there is a short track record, the confidence evaporates, and it may be harder to repair and renew than in the beginning.

One of the best ways to establish a stable relationship is through the act of sincerity. Be true to yourself and sincere in you comments, analysis, and consider the other person’s needs, wants. Consider where they are in the conversation, then you will be trusted, and your suggestions will be taken.

It comes down to being in the conversation both as a participant and as an observer. Be sincere, take the time to build the bridge that can carry the weight of trust and sharing and invest time and energy into the relationship. You will create steadfast customers loyal to you and good friends who will stick by you when you need them in your life.

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