Mind and Body

Five ways to protect your mind as you age

1) Play mind games. Words, numbers and spacial games
2) Stay active. Be sure to exercise. Don’t let the iron in your blood turn to lead in your butt.
3) Do something different and fun. Go somewhere you haven’t been in a while. Go with friends. Have lunch out, go shopping, see a show. Interact with those around you, Get involved in the moment. Smile, look up, laugh – just to laugh.
4) Eat healthy foods. Try Organic, it’s a little more pricey, but you may find more nutritious too. If not organic, then stay away from processed foods. That is any food that has been worked over by a food company (canned and other processes except freezing). HFCS is an ingredient you don’t need. Read the labels, or better yet if it has a label forget it Stay away from DIET SODA. It is worse for you than regular sugar. Besides that, it will help you gain weight!
5) Get a restorative night’s sleep every night. Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your mind and body, but as we age sleep may become more elusive. If you have trouble sleeping you can get a free 45 minute hypnosis session for restorative sleep at http://gr8-hypnosis.com
Scroll down to the free downloads and listen every night for at least 30 nights and more if you want to.
5.5) Tell stories. Talk abpout your youth, how things were, what changes you have seen, how you felt about events from the past. Record these stories for the future.  It is your history, and it is living history. Remember thing you have done recently. It doesn’t matter if the order is correct. What is important is that you exercise your memory.

6) A bonus tip. Do not cook with “soft aluminum” and avoid antiperspirants that contain aluminum (a metal that is easily absorbed and is thought to contribute to dementia and memory loss).


Always check out our website at http://gr8-hypnosis.com

You can even book a free evaluation appointment right on the front page.


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