Save money today

Data from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids shows that the average pack of cigarettes in the U.S costs $6.25, this figure may be up or down a little from where you live because of state taxes and the brand purchased.
Approximately 77%, more than three-quarters of the smokers, smoke every day.

The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention each of these smokers smokes an average of 14.2 cigarettes every day. Simple math tells us that 14.2 cigarettes times 30 days amounts to 21.3 packs a month.

Total monthly cost of cigarettes for the average everyday smoker equals about $133 for the cigarettes. Now, add in the burned clothing, medical costs directly attributed to smoking, second-hand and third-hand smoke and smokers have seen a lot of hard-earned money go up in smoke.

Here is the good news. I can help save you about $1600 each year by helping you become a non-smoker! You are welcome! Simple take me up on my offer for a free evaluation. Call me at 559-285-0784 or 866-375-4162 to schedule your free evaluation or if you prefer, you can schedule your own free appointment at


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