What if?

I have noticed a lot of emails offering me a free webinar or free sessions just for signing up. This is a good sign for several reasons.

1) There are people wanting help improving their lives.

2) A lot of coaches or hypnotherapists are willing to help.

3) There are enough people wanting help to go around.

4) There an a lot of people who do not desire a “Therapist”. What they want is someone who can help them through the obstacles hindering their forward progress.

5) Sometimes having to take a look around will help you (me) refocus on how to move forward.
By January 2016, I will be finished redoing my website to be more user-friendly and helpful to its visitors.

What if, there were more free downloads in the form of either videos or mp3’s?

What if it was easier to book and appointment?

What if you could do all you wanted from home and probably more profoundly than traveling to a Hypnotist’s office?

What if you could make real and lasting changes in your life easily and without the negative side effects of drugs or toxins?

I’m wondering what that would feel like to move forward, removing obstacles and improving your life. What would that feel like?

While others want you to sign up for something they are offering, I would invite you to call me and ask questions and possibly get some help without obligation on your part.
Call Jim at 866-375-4162 or 559-285-0784.


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