Holiday Season or Holiday Stress?

Many people feel an increase of stress beginning in September with the advent of returning to school through the New Year’s celebrations.

Stress accumulates from work and home activities. Pressure, frustration and a sense of being overwhelmed take their tolls. Unfortunately, the human body cannot separate work stress or frustration with that of those same feelings at home.

Some of the most common causes of stress are:
1) The sense of physical danger (real or perceived) in the workplace, police officers, firefighters, and maybe even teachers!
2) Areas of high responsibility, e.g., trauma center personnel.
3) Irritating work or living conditions, e.g., high noise, polluted air, crowded conditions, temperature, lack of privacy, and isolation (think cubicle).
4) Interpersonal demands at work, play, and home.
5) Financial restraints or having to live within a budget.
6) Overextended credit cards or monthly expenses.
7) Getting or losing a job.
8) Changes in living arrangements.
9) Illness or death of a family member or close friend.
10) Too many more to list here!

General or Specific Stress, Social, Environmental, and Institutional  Stress categories may be affecting you without your realization.

How do you handle stress? Are you a candidate for stress causing physical issues? You can take the Life Events Questionnaire to evaluate how you are doing.

You may have heard that there is good stress and bad stress, and we need to differentiate between the two.  We do need some stress in our lives otherwise we would all be like melting Jello on the floor.  Some frustration acts as a catalyst to keep us going to work, earning income, and supporting a lifestyle. As long as the frustrations, desires, and, yes, stress do not overwhelm us, we can do with that manageable level of pressure.

Now, because of the additional demands on emotions and physical bodies coupled with the shorter days and longer periods of darkness we can easily become overcome with negative emotions, anger, frustration, and the expenditure of additional demands of the holiday season.

October, Halloween; November, Thanksgiving; December, Christmas; and finally, January, New Year’s celebration, only to settle into the inevitable April 15th deadline for taxes.

Now, what if there were a way to manage stress? A way for you to deal with the frustrations and demands in your life?

So you weren’t overwhelmed? Ever!?

When you make your list of gifts you want to give and receive,  friends, and acquaintances you want to enjoy, include yourself as the first person on your lists. Give to yourself first so you can give to others in a spirit of thanksgiving and true enjoyment.

Now you can manage stress and frustrations. Work stress, home stress, stressful obligations, everyday frustrations can be managed quickly and easily with my three session Stress-Buster program.

During the months of November and December 2015, I will be offering my 3-session  Stress-Buster program for $300 per person (Regularly $450)!

Easy sign up by clicking the coupon link below.

This offer is limited in time and subject to appointment availability.
Don’t wait until there is no more time for your one on one program.
Call me, Jim, at 866-375-4162 or 559-285-0784.


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