College Professor

*”There is a story about a college professor who was teaching a class about time management and setting priorities. He arrived at his classroom, cleared his desk except a quart Mason jar, a quart of rocks, a pint of pebbles, and a pint of sand along with a pint of water in another jar. Finally, he put a beer can on his desk.

When the students arrived, he began his lecture by asking the students of the Mason jar could hold all the materials sitting on the desk. He began pouring the water and sand into the Mason jar. He commented that the water represented wasted time each day, and the sand represented many of the small diversions that we are caught up in on an everyday basis.

Then he added the pebbles that represented those things that we ought to do, but put them off for something else more interesting. Then he added the rocks that represented the major priorities that we need to attend to each day. Finally, he added some water. When he finished, the Mason jar could hold the water, sand, pebbles, and only a few of the rocks, but not all.

He next brought an identical jar, and materials. This time he put the rocks in first, then the pebbles. He shook the jar to distribute the pebbles filling in the spaces between the rocks. Then the sand and again shook the jar. Finally, he poured the water in which filtered down through all the other materials. When you organize your day according tho priorities, you can make everything fit.

One of the students asked about the beer, and the professor replied it was there to remind you to enjoy life.” ~Anon

* This is a story loosly remembered from a time past. Perhaps you have herd it before.

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