Letter from a professional player and golf instructor

“There’s one simple thing every golfer wants,
How do I improve my golf game without getting confused by a list of “Swing keys and without spending thousands of dollars?”

[Dr.]Jim Macy confidentially told me his mental approach to the golf swing flat works. I asked him how effective he felt his teaching can be on a 10 point scale. His answer was short and right to the point, just like his mental approach to the game. Jim said, “100%”. When I said that’s a real bold statement, Jim said, “Let’s try it. You be the judge!”
He delivered a 32-word statement to me with instructions to go do it.
I took Jim’s 32 words to the driving range, and it worked. Then I took the 32 words to the course and played one of best rounds in years. A week later I played with two of my best lifelong buddies. I couldn’t wait to share the 32 words with them. I did, and all three of us played the best rounds we had played in years.
Do you want to play better golf? Pay Jim to coach you.”~ Jim Vernes, Impresario and, Golf Instructor.”



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