Does Phone Hypnosis work?

Interesting question. When my clients ask that question the answer is pretty much the same every time. Yes, it does, and my clients that have been to an office and experienced hypnosis say on the phone is more relaxing and effective.

I suspect the reason is that my clients don’t have to come to my office, listen to strange traffic sounds, noise from adjacent offices, can feel too warm or cool. They call me from the comfort and safety of their own home, or place (possibly their car). They can dress however they like and can relax in their favorite chair, recliner, sofa, or bed. The room can be as light or dark as they want. Finally, as they emerge from their experience they don’t have to look forward to driving home. They have all the time they want post-hypnosis to continue the reverie of their experience.

Of course, none of the surroundings matters once they begin to experience hypnosis. So I really don’t know why phone hypnosis is more effective than in-person hypnosis. The fact seems to be on the oh9one works, and maybe even better that in person hypnosis.

Now, here is another consideration for those who still have doubts. Thousands of general sessions recorded for, e.g. say smoking cessation, are sold and used to make changes people want to make. These recordings have little to do with a person’s individual reasons for wanting to make changes, yet they work more than not. If a recording works, then surely a real live professional hypnotist will, more than likely be even more effective.

So we have to ask the question, why don’t more hypnotists work on the phone? That is a question for another time. The short answer may be because it is harder for the hypnotist, or possibly because the hypnotist isn’t comfortable or lacks confidence. Would you be willing to try talking to a hypnotist on the phone?
“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ~Albert Einstein


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