Can You Be Hypnotized?

You may think it might be fun or interesting to try hypnosis, but something is holding you back. There are only two groups of people that cannot be hypnotized: those with an IQ of around 70 or less and those who don’t want to be hypnotized.

If you’ve read to this point, I feel fairly confident you have the requisite IQ. So the only other group is the “Don’t-Want-To-Be” group. And that is usually because of a  prejudice, religious or secular misunderstanding, apprehension, or fear.

Many people say they would like to try hypnosis, but there are issues they need to resolve before they will allow themselves to experience a hypnotic state.
In virtually all instances there are only two reasons people resist hypnosis.

First, there are fears a person may have. Will I become weak minded? Will I give up a deep dark secret? Will I be more susceptible to mind control? Will I cluck
k like a dog or bark like a chicken? Will I do something that is against my moral convictions? And on and on. In fact, the person experiencing hypnosis is in control, and the hypnotist is simply a guide. Some hypnotists are better guides than others, some study their craft and hone their skills. Others are content to have scratched the surface.

Second, there are misconceptions and prejudices about what hypnosis is and what it does. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind to which all humans are subject. It is an experience that is shared throughout the human race in any language and on a daily basis.

The definition I use with my clients is this. “Hypnosis is the internal focus of attention to the point that you ignore your external environment and become hyper-receptive to suggestions within your field of focus.”
Listen to what hypnosis is

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