Mind and Body

Tip #8

Sales basics only work if you are in touch and have the rapport with yourself! If you are out of sync with your core being, you will have a difficult or impossible time with trust. If your buyer doesn’t trust you, you have no sale.

Animals are fearful of you if you show fear. Why? Imagine an aminal that is cornered and afraid. It will do whatever it needs to do to escape. It will attack anyone or anything hindering its escape. A small cat will attack a person, dog or anything else, regardless of size, to get out of a fearful situation. Animals are afraid of you if you show fear because you are unpredictable and might attack them to escape. They don’t understand that they may not even be the cause of your fear.

Now consider a person, a sales person attempting to make a deal. If you were the potential buyer would you want to work with a salesperson showing apprehension? No. Would you feel comfortable with a confident and self-assured person? More than likely.

How do you move from fearful to confident?

Raise your self-worth, or self-esteem and have confidence in yourself. Learn your business, learn about yourself and keep learning.

Challenge your self-talk. Get rid of all the negatives and replace them with current positives. A current positive is something that is positive about your present situation. Remember that the past, even yesterday is history and the future is a mystery. The future comes from the present, so your thoughts, wishes, goals, and hopes are what make the future.

Now, back to the subject of confidence. When you are balanced and confident, then you project confidence and control. When you project your belief in yourself, people want to be around you. You are like a magnet drawing people to you in personal life and business.

How you raise self-worth or self-esteem is a subject for another time. It involves discarding old negative thoughts and beliefs and programming new positive affirmations and understandings into your subconscious mind.

Breaking old habits and making new ones doesn’t take the 21-day or 42-day cliche; it takes a few minutes with the right guide to help you become balanced and able to thrive in the now.

For more information on how you can improve your confidence in yourself, become balanced in the now world, and feel good about who you are, call me at 866-375-6142


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