PTSD can there be healing?

An article by George Lindenfeld, Ph.D., ABPP, L. Richard Bruursema says: “Although PTSD is triggered by trauma, it is really a disease of memory. The problem isn’t the trauma; it’s that the trauma can’t be forgotten! More specifically, the emotional charge of the memories remains hair-trigger and consequently intrudes into numerous activities of daily living.”

The major aspect PTSD is in the final portion of this quote.
1) PTSD is triggered by an event, either rapid or over an extended time, a combination of these two, or a culmination of a series of traumas
2) The memory of the event cannot be erased
3) PTSD is the result of the emotions attached to the event (whether the event is remembered or not)
4) Dissociation of the emotions from the trauma creates a healing environment

One of the best and fastest ways to create that healing environment is with EFT, hypnosis, or other modality that can uncover the traumatic event without raising the patient’s anxiety level beyond a controllable height, not drugs


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