I don’t teach you to play a sport! I do teach you how to play your BEST!

I DO teach you how to train your mind so YOU  can play the best that you can in ANY sport.

Some of my clients include professional Rodeo athletes, professional bicycle racers, professional tournament golfers, semi-pro roller derby skaters, college softball athletes, college baseball players, and the list goes on.

How can I possibly teach these accomplished athletes in all these different and demanding sports?

They all have one, maybe two, or even more things in common.

  • They know how to do what they do.
  • They are all teachable or coachable.
  • They are all focused on their the activity at hand.
  • They are committed to becoming better at what they do.
  • They are stuck and can’t seem to move to the next level.
  • Sometimes their mind gets in the way of their perfect action.

When the mind gets in the way, or there is that WALL, that’s where I come in. By committed training and coaching, the athletes have developed muscle memory and know how to play. What is lacking in their quest for excellence is understanding, at a cognitive level, how to create their perfect swing, ride, or hand to eye coordination ALL the time.

I can coach good athletes how to become better by using what they already now and have done before.

For more on how this works sign up on my email list, tell me what your issue is, and I will give you free help o getting to the next level of performance.

If you aren’t an athlete, but want to improve your abilities in your job, family or life, I can help there too.

GO to http://macys-hypnosis.com and sign up now for free help.


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