Who has a Personal Coach?

What kind of person has a personal coach?

This is a complex question that can only be answered in the most general of terms. Here is a short list of groups of people who have personal coaches.

  • Entrepreneurs, small and large business owners often will hire a personal coach to hold them accountable to stay on track toward a particular Entrepreneurs might also be one person business, MLM marketers, writers, bloggers, or any other business.
  • Administrators and managers of businesses.
  • Teachers and anyone who deals with other people in groups or individually.
  • Athletes, from high school through professional athletes. Athletes may have as many as five or more coaches to help them improve their game. Personal coaches are often hired by athletes to hone the mental game.
  • Family members who want help in a variety of life’s daily issues.
  • Successful people are some of the people that understand the value of a personal coach.
  • People that know there is value in two heads being better than one.
  • People just like you that want some help overcoming today’s problems.


What do coaches do? Coaches

  • help get back on track when life has derailed them
  • facilitate re-focusing on retirement plans
  • contribute to making and maintain goals
  • help people when they face the loss of job or income
  • assist motivation
  • encourage accountability when:
    • clients want to lose weight and maintain good health habits
    • working with finances, goal setting, overcoming life’s obstacles, self-esteem or self-worth, and many other problems that need a second look by another qualified person
  • aid clients development of personal strengths
  • facilitates clients working with multifaceted relationships (not therapy).


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