What is Time -in conceptual terms?

Think of time as a phonograph record. you are the needle in a track. As you move forward in the groove you imagine time is moving and you are headed into the future.
Now imagine you are holding the record. You know where the needle was when you stopped the record and removed it from the turntable. Now you see that all time, the past where the needle had been and the now, where the needle was when you stopped the record, and the future, where then needle had not been all exist at once and together.
Now imagine that the needle could have jumped the groove and moved either back or forward in time.
Is it too much to imagine? All time is in the present, that is, in the now. Some would say that the past is history, the future a wish, hope, dream, or goal. All we have is now and to be present in the now.
Feeling stuck is normal, we all get stuck, but there is a solution. WD-40 for the mind.
Get unstuck and make your desired future come true.
Would you like to go back, or forward in time? You do this many times but now you can do it with intent and learnings.
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