Letting go of Time

“There is nothing else than now. There is neither yesterday, certainly, nor is there any tomorrow. How old must you be before you know that?” ~ Ernest Hemingway

One of the obstacles that keep clients – or anyone- from dropping int that deeply relaxed and enjoyable state of mind called hypnosis is the continued chanting of the conscious mind. The solution is to become aware of the experience that is evolving at the present moment.  feelings or sensations.

I suggest to clients that they just let go. Letting go of the obstacle that is holding them back. Letting go of time, there is no past, the past is but a memory, there is no future, the future is a hope, wish dream, or goal. The only time we have is now and now is the time to be aware and it is this and only this time that is important. Become aware of the present, and just let go, trusting yourself to be able to become aware of feelings, sensations, thoughts, and the present.

Time is an illusion, an enchantment of the conscious mind. The conscious mind focuses on the chant, let go and drift or float in the present and you will allow yourself to drift into that natural state of self-awareness. Welcome to the world of hypnosis, which is different than meditation, but closely related.

For more information please visit http://macys-hypnosis.com or call 855-375-6926 and talk to Jim.


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