Feeling STUCK

Stuck is an interesting word. It can have a positive intent. It could mean being infatuated with a thing or person. Or, it might have a negative intent such as unable to move. Most of my clients contact me because they feel like they cannot move. Cannot move past a person, event, or mindset.

I have been stuck before. Stuck in a relationship I wasn’t happy with, stuck in a job I wanted to quit, or unable to move forward because of an obstacle too hard to overcome.  Writers and artists can get stuck, athletes in a slump are stuck. We all have our sticking points and need help sometimes this way, and sometimes that way, but there is always a way.

Being stuck is an uncomfortable and frustrating place to be yet sometimes it just takes a little push or pull to get unstuck. Sometimes just a little WD-40 will loosen things up so you can move on.

In the end, you might find being stuck, blockages, or obstacles can be moved easily with the right lubricant.

The best therapists have four paws and fur

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