Good reasons to smoke

So many of my clients called for help with smoking cessation that I had to wonder what the motivation was to begin smoking. After all, from the first puff inhaled the body screams NO! Lungs were not designed to process smoke of any sort, wood, leaf, or cigarettes.

When I asked smokers what they were thinking I began to realize that they had good reasons to begin smoking, and many of those reasons were valid throughout their smoking history. It made me feel older, I could fit in with the in crowd, I was more sophisticated, and on and on. Those are good and valid reasons to begin any habit, but there comes a time when the smoker wants to employ different reasons. Reasons to quit smoking. Thus the conflict begins. I don’t tell my clients about the supposed evils of smoking. They have heard it all before too many times.

What many smokers need to hear is that smoking is something they do, not who they are. When we say, “Oh, you are a smoker!” we are wrong. Rather, we ought to say, “Oh, you are a person and one of the things you do is use tobacco products.

Discover what you like about your habit, what are the positives in continuing with your habit, and why it is still working for you. Realize that cigarettes lie to you and tell you they are your friends. Choose your friends, and be satisfied with what you do for your own reasons. Remember what Samuel Clemens once said, “Quitting is easy, I’ve done it thousands of times.”




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