Mind and Body

An experiment in value

The other day I needed to get an alternative medical treatment, specifically an acupuncture treatment for lower back pain. I was amazed when I was told that the treatment was on a sliding scale and it was up to me to decide how much to pay.

The receptionist said they didn’t need any financial information from me, just pay what was comfortable and that could be from $25 to $100.

I paid what I was comfortable paying, so I didn’t stretch my budget too much and received a good hour’s treatment. The financial arrangement also made it easy for me to return for follow-up visits.

I wondered how many people don’t get the help I offer through Hypnosis, EFT, and NLP just because the cost seems overwhelming. I decided to experiment with my prices, and here it is. Pay what is comfortable for you. Whatever you pay for my services will be considered paid in full!

So far, so good. Many clients have been appreciative of the work I do and the successes they have had that there is a balance point. Some don’t pay my regular fee, but more people pay to make up the difference.

If you need hypnosis to overcome obstacles in your life then call me and make a no cosCosultation, then you decide what you can afford for paid sessions.

Call me at 559-285-0784 or toll-free 855 -578-6926 and have fun breaking barriers!





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