The Biggest Illusion

Recently I listened to another Hypnotist describe pas life regression, then the “Now” and finally future life progressions. The Hypnotist described time as an illusion that allows us to make sense of the Now. The Hypnotist described all lives as existing simultaneously and that you could experience any one and you could create a past life going back hundreds of years because all those lives exist simultaneously.

Now, I’m not sure that I’m reporting what I heard with complete accuracy because it was confusing to me and I am sure that the explanation was muddled at best. But, maybe that is because I see time differently.  Yes, I agree time is an illusion that allows us to make sense of what we are experiencing. In fact, there is no such thing as time outside of our mental construct. Let me explain by way of an illustration or, if you prefer a metaphor.

Imagine for a moment that you are a needle in the track of a phonograph record that is spinning. You, as the needle see the groove in front and you see that as the future. The track that is at your spot is the present, and the area behind you is the past. If you see time as flowing past you may think of it flowing from front to back, future to past. Or, you may imagine time flowing from back to front as the ancient Greek did. Other, may see time as flowing bottom to top, or top to bottom. The point is that we perceive time as movement, a flowing thing. Back to the record and the needle.

While you are in the groove you sense the flow of the record, but if you are lifted out of the groove and you look down at the record you see that all those points you imagined were future, now, and past are all there at once. You may be in a groove on one record in a stack of many. Let’s assume that you, the needle, have the power to pick a different spot on the record, or even a different record. You would experience what we call past life regression or future life progression.

So while the Hypnotist was accurate in saying that all lives exist simultaneously, they do and they don’t. When you are in the record track that is what you experience and you cannot create other tracks let alone records.

As a human being you have the power to connect to the Universal power to lift yourself out of the track and float to a different time, that is, a different groove.

The ultimate questions have to do with how can you move and explore other life visitations and safely return to where you were when you began your expedition into different times. How can you pick that needle that you call “Self” up and let it down into a different time? What is out there? Is it safe?

While there are some who can navigate for themselves, most need a guide that respects and honors who they are, a person that can give the safety of a positive experience where learnings can be brought back to the Now and the person can benefit from a loving and fulfilling experience.

If you would like more information or test the waters by experiencing PLR or OLV (Other Life Visitations). Call me for an experience of lifetimes. What will you learn? How will you make sense of who you are? How much fun and love can you stand?

Call Dr. Jim at 866-375-4162


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