If you want to rid yourself of a habit, would you take a pill?

It is interesting to me that people are convinced they can change or eliminate a habit by taking a drug whether OTC or prescription.

One of my habits is to check the weather in my area shortly after I get up in the morning. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a pill to stop that habit.

Another habit is to take a shower each day, but again, no pill for that one either.

Once a day I check the volumes of emails in several emails I monitor, not a pill for this one either.

But, what if there were a pill or drug you could use to break a habit? There is one habit I know of that does have a drug or prescription to change or stop. THAT habit is smoking and tobacco cessation. The drug of choice to break this habit is nicotine. Nicotine patch, gum, or prescription, they are all to help you withdraw from nicotine. The problem with all these methods is that the addictive part is nicotine. That is false. Nicotine is a poison so strong that a thimble full would kill a 1200 pound horse, yet its addictive component is minimal. The addictive part of tobacco products is sugar, which is also a toxin to the human body. When you inhale on the cigarette you are burning sugar at such a high temperature that it is vaporized and goes into your blood without the advantage of the digestive process.

Have you noticed that smokers almost always want a cigarette after a meal? They are looking for the sugar-nicotine high. About 20 minutes later they have a sugar crash of sorts and want another cigarette to bump the sugar high up again.

Have you noticed that there are inpatient or residential treatment centers for all types of drugs but none for nicotine addiction?

According to a study in “Complimentary Therapies in Medicine,” a randomized study found that Hypnosis Therapy was three times more effective than Nicotine Replacement Therapy for smoking cessation.  (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 22(1), 1-8. doi:10.1016/j.ctim.2013.12.012).

If you really want to change a habit, I recommend that you forego the pills and patches and turn to a qualified Hypnotist to help you become a non-smoker.

Call me now to get the best pricing on my most successful smoking cessation program.

559-285-0784 or toll-free 866-375-4162. Thank you, Dr. Jim Macy, Ph.D.


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