You have the list. Now make it work!

Do you have a business and you have a list of people to call? You know the list, friends, relatives, associates, anyone you might have a business card they gave you at a networking meeting. I know you were going to call everyone and let them know how you can help them.ldn’t live without. How you can show the the product they didn’t know they couldn’t live without. List still sitting there waiting for the phone to lose weight so you can pick it up?

List still sitting there waiting for the phone to lose weight so you can pick it up, isn’t it?
There is a better way. I can show you how to turn that list into one that everyone will be waiting for your call and glad to talk to you – EVERY month, month in and month out. Tey will even give you referrals of others to call.

The system I use is easy to learn and implement, but you have to call for more information. Will it be useful for MLMers? Yes. Will it be good for Real Estate Professionals? Absolutely! Will it take a lot of time? About 5-6 minutes each day five days a week.
Will it cost you to get this information? Yes, but I will let you decide how much you want to spend. The information is worth thousands of dollars, and I have sold it to many in the past for $150, but you decide what is worth to you. I just ask that you don’t walk away without paying something.

Call me in September before this generous offer is gone for good. If you decide in October you want the information the price will be back to $150. Call toll-free 866-375-4162. If I can’t get the phone then leave a voice message for a prompt call back.


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