How to travel back in Time

I’ve written about how a person might visualize time as an illusion and described how time is a process of how we observe the world and how it can be regarded as a flow.

After all, if everything stood still we wouldn’t have the sensation of flow or of time. Think about times when you were consciously unaware of the flow of time. What was going on? Absolutely NOTHING!

The primary question is not about the illusion of time or the construct of time in our lives but how is it possible to move through time to different times and lives? The easy answer is to relax into a theta brainwave state or deeper, surround yourself with positive energy, and rise above your image of time and transport yourself to the different place you want to visit. Positive energy is simply Love.

Love allows you to visit other times, learn what leftover issues from a past life are holding you back in this life, turn loose or resolve those issues, make corrections, and return to your present without bringing negative or harmful energy back with you.

The two issues that I find are critical are: 1) Trust yourself to be safe, and 2) Trust your guide, to protect you with your shield of love. Your guide may be an experienced Hypnotist or a spiritual being, even your higher self to know what is right for you and to be ready to give you safe harbor of positive energy should you need or want it.

Finally, be prepared to be amazed at your experience and the freedom and resolutions to nagging issues when you safely return to your present time.

For more information call me, Dr. Jim, at 866-375-4162 and visit my website at


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