Stress and the Holidays




Stress is a complicated physical reaction that also includes emotional components that will exacerbate the stress hormones coursing through your body. Hypnosis and the proper management of stress works.

You may hear about good stress and bad stress. Well, it’s all good or bad depending on how it is managed.

People do NOT leave work stress behind when they clock out. They do not leave home stress at home. The body and mind do not differentiate, so stress is cumulative throughout the day, week, and even lifetime, unless managed.

Learn how to manage stress and live a healthier and maybe longer life.

What are your stressors? In other words, what frustrates you and brings up negative feelings and emotions?

What habitual reactions do you have towards stress? Eating, smoking, drinking? All the wrong reactions.

Here are tips to help with stress.

1) Quantify your frustration (stress) on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst

2) Qualify your stressor. Simply give it a name. Traffic getting to you? Qualify “This (stupid, slow, cold, wet, dangerous drivers) traffic.”

3) Now manage it. Put it into a category like they do with hurricanes.

Category 1, 2, or 3. Yup, there are only three categories you will need to deal with in stress management.

Category 1 – 1-4 not worth your time, energy, or emotional effort. Just let it go and it will resolve itself.

Category 2 – 5-8 this one has your attention, and you need a plan, but it doesn’t rise to the level of stopping what you are doing to attend to it.

Category 3 – 8-10 The named stress has gotten your attention, you need to develop a plan of action, and you need to implement that plan NOW!

For more information and help with stress call or email Jim at 559-285-0784 or

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