Macy’s Hypnosis and Success Coaching Programs for Business



Successful resolutions for people struggling with obstacles in their lives for more than 15-years. Now offering phone sessions so you stay in your home or personal comfort zone.

  • Coaching deals with the conscious or thinking mind.
  • Hypnosis with the subconscious mind.

Issues can be addressed by focusing on the problem area and applying the right tools for our clients.

We work with physicians and other medical professionals and have provided services to achieve success in many areas including these primary ones:

  • Smoking Cessation,
  • Weight loss or gain,
  • Self Confidence,
  • Medical Referrals.
  • Self Esteem issues
  • Fears and Phobias

Macy’s Hypnosis also has wellness and benefits programs available to businesses as well as for individuals.

      1. Smoking Cessation – 90-minutes on site
      2. Weight loss and healthy Nutrition 90-minutes on site
      3. Stress Management 60-minutes on site
      4. Be Bullet-Proof to Sales Rejection 60-minutes on site
      5. Upon request, Wellness Programs tailored to your needs

Call now for information 559-285-0784 or 866-375-4162

Jim Macy, Ph.D., Consulting Hypnotist


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