Or not, but they were less complicated, usually less stressful, and a slower pace.

Remember when you left your house and the phone rang and you didn’t answer it?

Now people feel compelled to take their phones with them as a matter of course and answer it every time it rings. Not necessarily.  Go back to when you found the phone by following the cord from the wall to the phone. Easy!

Remember when answering machines came into being?

Calls were listed in order and you knew how many you had by looking at the counter.There was a “clear” or “delete’ button right there.

Okay, the same thing now, but you have to listen to the phone ring before the caller leaves a voice message. Why? Because you have the phone attached to you some way, clipped to your belt or in your purse or pocket.

Well, there are advantages to both worlds. The world the way it used to be and the high-speed technological world of today. Which is better – maybe a little of both.

When I was growing up mealtime was for eating not eating intermittently between paragraphs or stories while reading the paper, magazines, comic books, or any other reading material.Now whole families will go to a restaurant and sit there quietly each texting or involved in their own cellphone. Oops, back to the phone thing. That was not the point, the point is that there used to be face to face communication, at least with friends or family on a family night out.

Maybe it is time to bring back some of the good-old-days mentalities and live a bit more stressless and more connected at a leisurely pace.

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talk instead of email or texting.

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