Our Five (Many) Senses

Last post was about paying attention being focused and aware. I suggested that things are actually vibrations and frequencies. This idea is not new and has been explored and utilized by a vast community of what we might call Sensitives or Intuitives.



We all have five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, and that’s it! Or is it?

I would suggest that we all have so many more senses, some we cultivate, some we suppress.

How many of these senses do you have?

Sense of: Balance, Humor, Proprioception, Belonging, Ownership of your body and its parts (your arm, hand, etc.), Time, Propriety, Moral or Ethics, Truth, Trust, and many more.

There are people that can sense energy fields. Some of these energy fields are called apparitions or ghosts. I don’t see the or better, sense them, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Just like I need a radio to “hear” the frequencies, and then filter out all the ones I don’t want. All those waves ae there, just tuned out.

Now, back to Hypnosis. Hypnosis can allow a person to tune out all the static, all the stream of thoughts and be sensitive to the frequency of the issue which needs attention.

Is it a clear solid picture or sound? Not necessarily, not even usually, but it could be. By slowing the thoughts down, focusing on an issue, tuning into that one particular vibration you can manipulate the vibration and turn it into something else. For example, if I asked you to focus on your livingroom the way it was when you were younger you would have an image sometimes bold and solid, sometimes etherial and fleeting, or maybe just a feeling you hadat an earlier age in that room.

Sound impossible and not even worth trying? Hypnosis is not for you to use as a tool to make both physical and mental changes, but if a prism can change white light into a rainbow of colors why not trust yourself to change by paying attention, focusing and making subtle changes at a profound level of your being. You are a mass of frequencies working in harmony, and if there is something out of tune you can change it to its original vibration.

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