More about Frequencies and Vibrations

Continuing on with the thought that all things are really frequencies or vibrations we can explain how some people are clairvoyant (see things) Divination (having insights not normally available), Telepathy (sending or receiving messages through extra-sensory means) or and of the myriad of other extra-sensory means.

In this context extra-sensory means beyond the five normally accepted senses most people have. However, it is my belief that virtually everyone is born with at least some of these psychic abilities but we are taught early on to suppress them and close the door on using them to our advantage.

Years ago a mother and grandmother visited my office and wanted me to work with the 6-yr. old daughter and granddaughter. It seems that the little girl heard footsteps in the hall outside her bedroom and saw shadows in her bedroom. After a couple of sessions and asking the girl if she had ever tried to talk to the footsteps or the shadows she said she had not. I suggested to her that she talk to them and ask them not to bother her. I advised mom and grandmother I could no more for her. It was then they both confessed they had also seen and heard things as children but put them aside not to be bothered with ethereal things. I suggested to them they confess their ability to the child and encourage her in tuning in and being aware of what she was experiencing.

Now, back to Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of mind or experience that allows you the privilege of being aware of what your body is telling you. Just like a radio station, you have to filter out the thoughts, focus on what you want or need to change, and BE AWARE of what your body is telling you. It isn’t enough to dial into the radio station, you must also be aware of what you are listening to and possible focus you attention on what you are hearing. After all, we can have sound in the background and become unaware of it by intentionally or unintentionally becoming un-focused and un-aware. Hypnosis creates the time and place, but if you do not become aware and focused it will simply be a relaxing experience.

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